how to stop binge eating

woman eating food with enjoyment

Why Giving Yourself Unconditional Permission to Eat Is so Important and Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Efforts

One of the most important steps towards healing your relationship with food is to give yourself unconditional permission to eat all foods.   When most people quit dieting, it’s because they are sick of feeling like they’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of restriction and binging.  It can feel like most of their free time […]

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learn how to stop the binge restrict cycle

Learn How to Finally Stop the Binge Restrict Cycle

The binge restrict cycle erodes our physical and mental health but you can stop this harmful cycle and thrive around food!    Read on to learn the exact steps to take to end your binge restrict cycle.    What is the Binge-restrict cycle? I’m going to guess that you already understand the binge restrict cycle […]

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