Forget Perfection: How to Practice Self Care When You Don’t Have the Time

When life gets busy during the holidays, the first thing to go is our own self care.

Do You Have a Self Care Plan?

​If your life is anything like mine, your to-do list and schedule have reached a frenzied pace.

We find ourselves running in circles trying to get everything done before years’ end.

And what’s the first thing to go?

Taking care of ourselves.

In a way, it makes sense:

We won’t have to face disappointed friends, bosses, clients, parents or kids if we take care of everybody else first, and put our needs to the end of the list.


We all know how we are less effective when we are burned out.

Just like they say on the safety announcement on an airplane, you need to put on your oxygen mask before you help others.

But, I Don’t Have Time!

No, we can’t ignore our obligations. We need to keep our jobs, maintain our friendships, and keep our kids safe.

The problem so many of us face is that we are bound by All or Nothing Thinking!

  • I don’t have time for my 30 minute workout, so I guess I’ll have to skip movement today.
  • I don’t have time to cook so I’ll just eat chips for dinner.
  • I have so much holiday shopping to do, so I’ll shop through dinner.

Do any of these resonate with you???

How About A Different Approach?

One thing I work on with my private clients is moving away from black and white thinking and learning to live in the gray.

If you’re a Type A personality, I know this can be a challenge, but I think you’ll find the benefits to be worth it.

If we use the examples above:

  • Could you take a 5 minute walk as a break from your work?
  • Could you pick up a sandwich on the way home or make yourself a PB &J?
  • Could you bring a cheese stick and some nuts with you while you’re shopping to avoid getting hangry?

All of these solutions might not be the way you want to live during a normal week, but they provide ‘good enough’ solutions that allow you to take care of your basic needs so you can thrive during this season.

My challenge to you:

When you find yourself engaging in all or nothing thinking, hit the pause button and reframe into an action that’s a compromise.

I’d love to hear how you used these ideas to survive the next couple weeks.

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