image of foods that are high in fiber, including fruits, vegetables, beans and grains

Learn the Facts About Fiber to Improve Your Health

What if you could change an element of what you eat and improve your health?  I’m not talking about counting calories or drinking expensive green juices either!  I’m talking about fiber.   As a non-diet dietitian, I’m not going to teach you to count calories or eat foods you don’t like.  But that doesn’t mean I […]

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Your Next Follow-up Doctor’s Appointment: How to Focus on Health, Not Weight or BMI

Have you ever avoided scheduling a follow-up doctor’s appointment because you’re concerned you’ll get lectured about your weight? If so, you’re not alone! Let’s face it, our medical system is very focused on weight and BMI as a measure of health.   And this weight bias causes negative effects. Research shows that getting regular physicals […]

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You have high cholesterol! Now what?

Picture this: you recently had your blood drawn at your doctor’s office and that was followed up with a call that your numbers were not normal. You have high cholesterol. Dang.  You may have been told to try to lose weight and come back in three months for another blood draw.  Suddenly, you’re worried about […]

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Non-diet resolutions for the New Year

In January many people start to think about getting back to old habits – or starting new ones – around food and movement. Enter the New Year’s resolution! And then a few short weeks later: most of these well-meaning habits have been kicked to the curb because they were never realistic or sustainable. As an […]

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