Please note:  Assessment and planning to set goals toward behavior change requires a commitment.  I have found that clients are more likely to achieve their goals and experience healing when they commit to at least two visits.  Therefore, beginning April 15, 2017, I will no longer offer single visits to new patients. I offer various packages to meet the needs of my clients.   I am happy to provide HIPAA-compliant video conference or telephone counseling sessions.


3 Month Package: Heal Your Relationship with Food

  • You won’t ever feel like you’re on this journey alone! It’s like you have me in your back pocket! 🙂
  • This comprehensive package is designed for those who are ready to remove the shackles of chronic dieting and find joy in food and respect for their bodies.
  • Combines one-on-one sessions with unlimited e-mail support between sessions so we can address things as they arise.


Nutrition Counseling and Medical Nutrition Therapy

  • Initial visits are 75 minutes and include a review of health concerns, lifestyle factors and medical records, as appropriate.
  • Follow up visits are 55 minutes
  • Two visit minimum required


Food Sensitivity Package using MRT/LEAP

  • New MRT panel includes 20 new foods. Begins 2/1/18!
  • Mediator release blood test (MRT) tests for 170 foods and chemicals)
  • Counseling sessions (see below for details)
  • 50 page booklet with individual test results and resources for shopping, cooking, restaurant survival, and more
  • Personalized food plan and guide based on MRT results food preferences
    • 8 weeks of counseling sessions included in Food Sensitivity Package
      • One initial consult (75 min)
      • Two follow-up sessions (50 min each)
      • Two quick check-ins (30 min)
      • Unlimited e-mail support between appointments


Supermarket Tours

  • Do you find grocery shopping boring and/or overwhelming?
  • Do you want help finding products that will help your specific dietary needs?
  • I offer personalized tours to help you find foods (and shortcuts) to help you achieve your nutrition and health goals.
  • Tours are 60 minutes and are a supplement to nutrition counseling sessions


Cooking Classesprice varies depending on number of participants and length of class. Please contact me so I can determine a price for the class of your needs. 

  • Have you been prescribed a new eating plan and are getting bored eating the same few ‘safe’ foods but don’t know where to begin?
  • Have you fallen into a food rut at dinner time and want to expand your horizons?
  • Has someone in your home recently become a vegetarian and you’re at a loss on where to begin?
  • Let me help you discover excitement and joy in the kitchen!