When you read nutrition advice in magazines or online (even good sources), there are just so many rules to follow. But what is the first thing experience teaches us about rules??? ……that we love to break them!!

We all know that taking away a person’s autonomy can actually subconsciously cause them to rebel against well-meaning advice. In fact, there’s lots of scientific data to prove this. And if you’re a parent, you see this in action nearly every day.

So, instead of giving you lots of rules…..

My style of nutrition counseling focuses on empowerment. I believe that you have the tools to improve your life through better nutrition. It’s my job to fill in the gaps in your nutrition knowledge and to help you activate your innate personality strengths to help you achieve your personal goals.

My journey towards nutrition started in the kitchen. I was 8 years old when my father was diagnosed with diabetes. I was already at home in the kitchen, having been taught the tricks of the trade at my mother, grandmother and great-aunt’s side. My first attempts at diabetic cooking involved “sweet n’ low cookies.” While they were a labor of love, they certainly didn’t taste that way, and it would be years until I finally discovered why, in my Food Science lab class.

Even though cooking was my passion and my creative outlet, I pursued other more traditional courses of study before finally returning to school in 1998 to begin my journey towards becoming a Registered Dietitian.

Since becoming a dietitian, I have focused on working with individuals and families, presenting at schools, and conducting nutrition lessons for children.

I strive to remain on the cutting edge of evidence-based nutrition trends, choosing to go above my registration requirements so I can provide the most up-to-date nutrition advice to my clients.  I am a Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT), and I’m excited to offer food sensitivity testing, along with a personalized elimination diet, in my practice.  I am also currently studying Integrative and Functional Nutrition, pursuing a certification through the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy.